Since our founding in 1907, Metropolitan Lumber has specialized in the "Pick O' the Pines". We can provide you with the quality and service you need when purchasing your "just in time" inventory. We stock a wide variety of lumber items at the NASCO yard in south Chicago, Partners yard in Eola, IL, and the Watco Terminal in Omaha, NE. We also ship direct carloads and truckloads from top quality mills and keep our finger on the pulse of the lumber industry every day.

Metropolitan Lumber is the company to call when you need to purchase Southern Pine and SPF MSR. Through the years we have developed an excellent reputation in the MSR markets and will work hard to cater to your needs. We are committed to servicing truss manufacturers, panel manufacturers, post frame builders, and more.

Metropolitan Lumber Company is also your source for industrial grade lumber. Serving industrial yards, pallet manufacturers, box manufacturers, and industry is one of our specialties. We also furnish ripped or resawn boards in specified lengths and can ship any industrial grade lumber quickly from our mill partners in the US and Canada. We are currently stocking 2x4 economy grade and #3 as well as other low grade items in Chicago and Eola. Please consider us when buying your industrial grade lumber.

Metropolitan Lumber Company knows the importance of shipping quality lumber on time and at competitive prices. Thanks to decades of hard work, we are considered to be one of the leaders in the lumber industry and will continue to play an important part in the channels of distribution in the future. Our experienced sales staff takes pride in its ability to make your purchase simple. Close coordination of the sales team and support staff ensures that your orders are handled quickly and efficiently. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you so use your Timber Time wisely and give us a call for any of your softwood lumber needs!